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BitHeadz To Release Tempo Tantrum for Mac
200 MB of drum loops for Unity DS-1, Phrazer

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

BitHeadz today announced Tempo Tantrum, a virtual sampling library that combines the Unity DS-1 sample engine with more than 200 MB of stereo drum loops. Tempo Tantrum features the ability to speed up or slow down each loop without affecting pitch using Unity's oscillator stretching technology. Oscillator stretching uses sample split points to allow the tempo of a loop to be adjusted in real time without affecting the loop's pitch.

Loop tempo can be manipulated with Unity's oscillator speed control or with MIDI controller messages sent from a sequencer or hardware controller.

Settings are provided for variations on tempo, wet/dry mixes and pitch-shift effects. Tempo Tantrum also includes a set of bass lines and keyboard comps that can be mixed and matched at various speeds. It ships with a multitimbral mixer, built-in effects and the required components for integration with professional sequencers and soundcards.

Tempo Tantrum (with G4 optimization) is expected to ship in the third quarter for $199. It supports OMS, FreeMIDI, ASIO, Direct I/O, DirectConnect, MAS 2.0, ReWire, DirectSound, and Sound Manager. Tempo Tantrum will also be compatible with Phrazer, BitHeadz loop-based sequencer, which expected to arrive for the MacOS later this year.

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