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Mac Swift3D Development Complete
Electric Rain's 3D Flash tool expected in October

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Electric Rain says it's now completed development of the Macintosh version of Swift3D and expects to ship it in the first week of October, a slight delay from the previously planned Sept. 15 release. Swift3D is a piece of software that allows users to create and work with vector 3D objects that can be animated and placed into Flash files.

Swift3D can import and work with EPS files, as well as 3D5 models, respecting materials, animations, lighting schemes and camera views. It can also be used to create models with basic primitives and type. It comes with preinstalled settings for drag and drop animations, as well as support for keyframing and tweening. Users can add up to 16 lights to a scene and animate them.

The software can export directly to the Flash format, consecutive EPS files for use with LiveMotion and Adobe Illustrator file format. It can also export outlines and shading, including flat shading, area/average shading and full polygon gradient shading.

Swift3D will be available for $139. It includes documentation and free sound files and 3D models. For more information, visit

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