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Sony To Ship FireWire Spressa Mobile CD-RW
8x/4x/24x write drive includes Toast

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Sony today announced a FireWire-based mobile CD-RW drive. The Spressa Mobile, available with Mac and Windows software, offers 8x write capabilities, 4x rewriting and 24x playback. Sony's new drive comes with both four-pin and six-pin IEEE 1394 interface cables and a recording software package called Sony Spressa Mobile Software Suite.

The mobile suite does not include Sony's Discribe burning software. It includes Toast instead. It also comes with Retrospect Express for backup and MixMan Studio for audio mixing.

The new drive includes a 4 MB buffer and offers sustained write transfer speeds of 300 KB per second to 1,200 KB per second, depending on mode. It can read up to 3,600 KB per second and has a burst data rate of 400 megabits per second. Access time is 160 milliseconds.

The Spressa Mobile portable (CRX75L-A2) drive will be available in November for $399. It requires a G3, G4 or iMac DV running Mac OS 8.6 or higher. For more information, visit

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