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WoodWing Set To Ship XML Exporter for InDesign
Plugin converts InDesign tags to XML automatically

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

WoodWing Software, based in The Netherlands, today announced Smart XML Export, the company's third plugin for Adobe InDesign. Smart XML Export generates XML to repurpose the content of InDesign documents (both text and images) for other media, such as the Web.

Smart XML Export translates standard InDesign styles to XML tags automatically. After designing the page, the user selects WoodWing XML from the standard InDesign Export dialog to export XML, without any additional actions.

Smart XML Export will use XML Styles that define mappings from InDesign styles to XML tags. This allows one InDesign document to be exported to multiple XML environments. The generated XML Styles can optionally include a style sheet reference so that the XML can be viewed directly on the Web with any browser. In addition, users can manually tag individual elements through an Element Tag Panel.

Smart XML Export also saves a document's structure information—which elements are headlines, which bylines, which decks, etc.—which allows XML content to work with one of WoodWing's other InDesign plugins, Smart Layout.

Smart XML Export will enter a beta field test at multiple sites in early October. Smart XML Export is planned to ship later this year with an expected price of $149. For system integrators, an SDK will also be available.

For more information, visit or read about WoodWing's other plugins in our recent Seybold Roundup, in which we awarded Smart Layout "Best of Show" in the category of DTP plugins.

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