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Retas! Pro Gets Update to 5.2
Components get enhancements, added features

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Trimedia has posted updates to several components in its Retas! Pro digital 2D animation system for Macintosh. (Updates are also available for Windows versions.) Included in the updates are CoreRetas 5.2, TraceMan 5.2.1, PaintMan 5.2.1 and RenderDog 5.2.

The Core update includes several interface enhancements, as well as a few additional features. These include:

  • Color Matte Mask mode added;
  • Paste Pegbar parameter into layer added to Selective Paste;
  • Flicker Filter added in export dialogue;
  • Show Previous Frame/Page Number in X-sheet;
  • Movie playback with selected player after export;
  • Contextual menu support added using Control click in a window;
  • Command drag now scrolls the X-sheet;
  • Stage view sizes added in Stage menu;
  • Delete All button added in Batch Export dialogue.

The TraceMan update mainly includes enhancements to existing features, including faster performance with Epson scanners, an improvement to auto contrast, the addition of 12 field scanning support and new drag and drop management file loading. The new version also adds contextual menu support.

The update for PaintMan also includes new support for contextual menus, as well as some speed improvements, expanded shortcuts and support for PencilMan shadow settings to be imported into PaintMan's light table.

Finally, RenderDog has gained several of the same enhancements as CoreRetas (color matte mask mode, flicker filter in export dialog, contextual menu support, command scrolling, etc.). It also now includes a Location 1 check box in the export dialogue and a delete all button in the batch export dialogue.

The new updates are free to existing users and can be downloaded from the Retas! Pro Web site at

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