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Digidesign Launches Pro Tools LE 5.1 For Digi 001, Digi Toolbox
New version adds 'significant improvements' to editing, mixing and navigation

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Digidesign today launched version 5.1 of Pro Tools LE software for Digi 001 and Digi Toolbox XP systems. Version 5.1 includes new editing and mix enhancements, integrated stereo tracks, enhanced MIDI functionality and "significant improvements to ... navigation and session interchange," according to the company.

New MIDI features include a MIDI Event List window, individual MIDI track offsets and multi-device MIDI recording.

According to Digidesign, the new version also includes enhancements to the performance of LE's mixing. Each track now supports multiple output assignments for simultaneous creation of multiple mixes. A new I/O Setup page is included for flexible mono and stereo routing, with I/O setting files that can be saved for import/export between sessions and other system configurations. Version 5.1 also adds a duplicate track option that copies selected tracks with all associated plug-in instances, settings and automation.

This new version also increases the effects processing functionality of Digi 001 and Digi Toolbox XP systems. Version 5.1 adds multiple plugin window displays for immediate on screen access to any parameters. Users can simultaneously view, edit and automate their RTAS plugins. Other plugin editing enhancements include drag and drop plugin reordering and duplication, plus individual plugin automation safe mode to prevent existing automation data from being overwritten during automation write passes.

Other new features include:

  • Multiple levels of undo;
  • Automatic session saving at user defined intervals;
  • Alternate Audio Playlist switching and matching start time takes list now works on multiple tracks, including groups and selections;
  • Tab to Transient feature for using a single keystroke to find audio attack transients and edit boundaries;
  • Zoom Toggle for magnified focus on an edit selection and automatic return to the original track view.

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