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Digidesign To Offer Pro Tools 5.0.1 Free
Fully functional LE version available this fall

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Digidesign announced it will start offering Pro Tools 5.0.1 LE as a free, fully functional download from its Web site this fall. The download version (which will also be available on CD-ROM for a nominal fee) will offer eight audio tracks, 48 MIDI tracks and two channels of I/O via standard Sound Manager drivers on any third-party hardware.

Pro Tools FREE will include the DigiRack RTAS Plugins (EQ, Dynamics, DirectConnect, Mod Delay and Dither) and support optional RTAS and AudioSuite Plugins developed by Digidesign and third parties.

Features include:

  • QuickPunch recording
  • Multiple playlists to store and compile dozens of takes
  • Audio waveform display
  • Editing during playback and looping to create grooves
  • Nudging, spotting or back timing of audio takes
  • Audio scrub and shuttle
  • High quality sample rate and bit-depth conversion with batch processing
  • Support of major file formats and bit depths (SD II, AIFF, WAV, QuickTime movie audio and SND)
  • Optional MasterList CD software to create audio CDs
  • 30-day demo of MP3 Export option (available to buy online)
  • RealAudio G2 support (Mac only).

Digidesign says it will not provide any technical support for Pro Tools FREE. For more information, visit

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