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Alias|Wavefront Ships Macintosh Maya Paint Effects Plugin for After Effects
Organic and painterly effects directly within the compositor

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Alias|Wavefront seems to be taking a shying to the Mac these days. Earlier this year the company announced plans to bring its flagship Maya 3D application to OS X, and now the company has actually released Maya Paint Effects for OS 9. Paint Effects is a plugin for Adobe After Effects 4.1 that allows artists to generate organic and painterly effects directly within the compositing environment. Effects can include animated paint strokes of plants, fibers, glows, water, metal and other natural media along a mask, Bezier path or motion path.

Maya Paint Effects includes "hundreds of brush presets," according to Alias|Wavefront, and lets users create their own custom brushes. It can also share brush presets between Maya and the Maya Paint Effects screensaver.

The plugin is available now for $499 for Macintosh only through, Alias|Wavefront's Web sales provider. A free trial download is also available at Toolfarm or via the Alias|Wavefront Web site. For more information, visit

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