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Emagic's Logic Audio Platinum and Gold will add dual processor support in version 4.5.1.

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Emagic Claims Fix for G4 USB Problems
New Logic Audio to add multiprocessor support; separate Platinum update released today

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Emagic, a German digital audio software developer, says it's found a fix for the USB MIDI problems users are experiencing on the new G4s. The company will release this fix for its Logic Audio suite later this month in a 4.5.1 upgrade.

According to Emagic, the fix will allow users to work with USB MIDI interfaces on the new Apple machines, including Unitor8 MkII, AMT8 and MT4.

The new version of Logic Audio will also add support for dual processing in the new Macs (for Logic Audio Platinum and Gold only). The company says this support adds better DSP performance. The new version splits the audio and MIDI tasks and distributes them to separate processors. "This results in a level of timing precision not possible before; this is also the case when using the USB port," Emagic reported in a prepared statement. The new version also adds faster screen redraws.

Last month, Emagic revealed for the first time that the new G4s packed some serious USB MIDI problems that would prevent the proper use of MIDI interfaces on those systems. No other audio developer would go on the record with us to address this problem.

Logic Audio 4.5.1 will be available as a free download for registered users beginning Sept. 21.

In a fairly confusing move, the company also released Logic Audio Platinum 4.6 for the Mac today. The new version adds Rocket Network technology support, which allows Logic Audio users to collaborate on shared song files via the Internet. The new version is now available for download at support/download/ logicmac.html. We'll try to get an explanation of the differences between 4.5.1 and 4.6 in the near future.

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