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Kodak Professional DCS Pro Back
The Kodak Professional DCS Pro Back. Click image to enlarge.

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Kodak Professional To Bring Out 16 Megapixel Camera Back
Mac-only system includes FireWire connectivity

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Kodak today announced a new camera back supporting up to 16 megapixel resolutions. The new Kodak Professional DCS Pro Back, scheduled to ship in the first quarter of next year, includes a fully featured LCD with histogram, new software and several other capabilities. The DCS Pro Back is designed for commercial location and tabletop photography and high-end portraiture applications, especially advertising and catalog photographers, tabletop studios and portrait studios.

Included with the new camera is Kodak's new Macintosh-only Capture Studio Software 1.5, a stand-alone application for capturing and editing digital images.

The DCS Pro Back is a single-shot unit that's currently compatible with Hasselblad 555 ELD and Mamiya RZ film cameras. Kodak says it will fit a wide range of medium- and large-format camera systems in the future.

The LCD screen offers 90 degrees of movement for waist-level operation and can be controlled one-handed. In addition to acting as a viewfinder, the LCD provides instant review, a histogram for precise exposure control, focus check and a built-in spot meter. The DCS Pro Back can also perform 1:1 zoom and pan functions and offers video review capability for high-angle or other out-of-reach camera placements.

It also comes with a removable anti-aliasing filter, digital anti-aliasing technologies and a non-reflecting IR cutoff filter. It can capture an image every two seconds and store eight 48 MB files. For transferring images to a computer, it comes with a FireWire connection, which can also power the unit. (It can also operate off batteries.)

Pricing was not available at press time. For more information, visit

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