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EditDV Packs Multiprocessor Support
Free upgrade for registered users

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Digital Origin has announced a free upgrade to EditDV, its content creation and streaming media authoring tool. The new version is now fully optimized for the new multiprocessing G4s.

"Because our video codec is entirely software-based, our tools—which already offer the fastest rendering times in the market—can easily leverage any performance increase in host processors like those recently announced by Apple," said Mike Micheletti, product manager for Digital Origin, in a prepared statement.

The updated codec is available to registered EditDV 2.0 owners free of charge from The EditDV package includes the EditDV software application, Digital Origin RotoDV for painting and special effects, Digital Origin PhotoDV for still image capture, Media Cleaner EZ 4.0 from Terran Interactive, SpiceRack Pro Lite from Pixelan Software and a Digital Origin 1394 IEEE FireWire card and cable for $599. A software-only version is available for $499.

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