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Digital Voodoo D1 Desktop 128HD
The Digital Voodoo D1 Desktop 128HD can handle 1.485 gigabits per second throughput for uncompressed HD capture and editing.

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Digital Voodoo Brings Uncompressed HD to the Desktop
D1 Desktop 128HD QuickTime card comes in at $10,000

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Digital Voodoo, Melbourne, Australia, has brought high-definition capture to the Mac desktop. The company's new card, the D1 Desktop 128HD, was introduced today at the IBC show in Amsterdam.

The card offers full uncompressed HD support, as well as standard definition formats. In addition to full HDTV support, the D1 Desktop 128HD features uncompressed 10-bit video capture and playback with six channels of AES/EBU digital audio.

Editors can provide HDTV capture and playback support for applications such as Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Discreet combustion and many more.

The D1 Desktop 128HD can instantly switch between standard definition 270 megabits per second and the HDTV rate of 1.485 gigabits per second as needed. HDTV support allows real-time film resolution editing. According to Digital Voodoo, unlike dedicated systems, editors can instantly change from film work to television work without reformatting their disk array.

The D1 Desktop 128HD integrates six channels of AES/EBU digital audio at the television sampling rate of 48 KHz (as well as 96 KHz). Quantizing is done at 24 bits or can be rounded to 20 bits or 16 bits. (Audio is provided separately as standard AES/EBU connections and not embedded in the video connection.)

Digital Voodoo's chipset provides processing at 536 megapixels per second. Video memory is 160 MB, with 2 GB per second memory access speeds. The PCI host connection is a full 64-bit interface.

The D1 Desktop series of cards can also power an NTSC monitor, which can be configured to operate as an extended desktop for those who need to preview in actual NTSC.

The D1 Desktop 128HD is available only for the Macintosh and retails for $9,995. For more information, visit

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