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Pinnacle Ships Commotion 3.1
Free upgrade for registered users

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Pinnacle Systems/Puffin Designs has started shipping Commotion 3.1, a stand-alone compositing and effects package. The new version adds a few enhancements, including functionality improvements in the timeline and the ability to remember the contents of the Curve Editor when opening and closing the editor window.

Other new features include:

  • Unlimited compositing;
  • More than 75 filters for keying, compositing and text and motion graphics (Pro only);
  • Project management improvements;
  • Layer/Timeline interface changes;
  • New paint engine (with anti-aliasing for every stroke);
  • Now includes more than an hour of training.

The new version is a downloadable upgrade for registered users of the full version of either Commotion DV 3.0 or Commotion Pro 3.0. For those who received Commotion DV 1.0 free with Apple's Final Cut Pro, the upgrade cost to Commotion DV 3.1 has been cut in half to $249. The upgrade price to Commotion Pro 3.1 is $1,295. The full version of Commotion Pro 3.1 is $1,995. The full version of Commotion DV 3.1 costs $795.

The link to the Commotion Download site is currently broken on Puffin's site. However, it can be accessed here: For more information, visit or

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