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Retro AS-1 and Unity DS-1 will gain multiprocessor support on the Mac by the end of the month.

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BitHeadz To Add Multiprocessing Support to Retro and Unity
New architecture doubles stereo voices

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

BitHeadz Inc. says it will release multiprocessor-aware versions of its two flagship audio products, Retro AS-1 and Unity DS-1. The company says the new architecture will allow the programs to offload all synthesis and sampling tasks to the secondary processor. "By freeing up the host processor, we make more room for today's powerful sequencers to accommodate extra audio tracks, plugins and software instruments," says BitHeadz CEO Steve O'Connell. "We believe this is a milestone in the evolution of the computer-based virtual studio."

According to BitHeadz, not only will the new versions of Retro and Unity allow for increased performance from host applications, they will also double their maximum number of simultaneous voices. Retro AS-1 will achieve up to 128 stereo voices, while polyphony for Unity DS-1 will increase to 256 stereo voices.

Dual processor support will be included in version 2.1 of the Retro AS-1 Analog Synthesizer and the Unity DS-1 Digital Sampler. The updates are free and are expected to be available by the end of this month. For more information, visit

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