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Beatnik Ships Editor 2.0
New audio package adds multiple sessions, unlimited undo and redo

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Beatnik, the company founded by Thomas Dolby Robertson back in 1996, has announced the latest version of its flagship digital audio editor. Beatnik Editor 2.0, a Mac and Windows tool for creating interactive music content in Beatnik's Rich Music Format (RMF), has a new analog-looking interface and adds support for dragging and dropping MP3 files directly from the desktop.

The new version also allows users to work in multiple sessions simultaneously and use the unlimited undo and redo feature. Beatnik Editor 2.0 can be used as a standalone application for converting and combining MIDI and digital audio files into RMF format or as a general MIDI sound module from within MIDI sequencing software packages like Digital Performer, Cubase VST, Logic Audio, StudioVision Pro or Cakewalk Metro.

Beatnik Editor 2.0 is part of the Beatnik Music System, a musical platform for building interactive music applications. Beatnik Editor 2.0 is now available for Macintosh for $129.95 (up from $24.95 from the 1.0 version). No upgrade information was available at press time.

Last week the company also launched Mixman Radio, a free application that allows users to broadcast their Beatnik content over the Internet. For more information, visit

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