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Yamaha's CRW8824FXZ offers 8x write and rewrite speeds, along with 24x audio CD ripping speeds.

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NEWS AUGUST 24, 2000
Yamaha Ships 8x FireWire CD-RW

New model includes 24x audio ripping

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Yamaha is about to start shipping a new CD-RW FireWire drive. The new external model, poetically titled CRW8824FXZ, offers 8x write and rewrite speeds, along with 24x audio CD ripping speeds. The unit is expected to begin shipping tomorrow.

According to Yamaha, "With the FireWire interface, there is no need to convert digital data into analog for better signal integrity. The CD-RW drive can be added to and removed from a system without powering down while the bus is still active. And, unlike the legacy serial interface, FireWire supports free-form daisy chaining and branching for peer-to-peer implementations, allowing any two devices in the chain to transfer data to each other. FireWire also supports a tree (parallel) connection of devices."

The unit features 4 MB of buffer memory and writes and rewrites on CD-R discs at a top speed of 8x (writing a 650 MB CD in nine minutes) and reads CDs at a maximum rate of 24x. It also has Yamaha's PurePhase Laser System, which eliminates glare and reflections created on the surface of the disc while burning a CD. The CRW8824FXZ uses high-performance 8x CD-R and CD-RW media for recording. Yamaha and other manufacturers have introduced new 8x rewritable media, capable of 8x rewriting at a cost only slightly higher than quality 4x certified CD-RW media, according to Yamaha.

There are also internal Ultra SCSI and ATAPI versions of the drive available, as well as external Ultra SCSI.

The new drive is available for $349.99. It includes Mac and Windows software titles, including Adaptec Easy CD Creator, Direct CD and Toast; Adobe ActiveShare, PageMill, Photo Deluxe Business Edition; MusicMatch Jukebox; and the Neato CD Labeler Kit. For more information, visit

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