PowerParticles Basic Interface
Power Particles basic is now a free download from TripleD Tools. Click image to enlarge.

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TripleD Tools Releases Free PowerParticles for Electric Image

Basic version offers full functionality with new interface

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

TripleD Tools has started offering PowerParticles 2.0 Basic as a free download for Electric Image. TripleD says PowerParticles 2.0 Basic contains all the functionality of the standard EI particle system but is enhanced by the new PowerParticles 2.0 "virtual slider" interface and OpenGL preview inside the plugin. A virtual slider and the OpenGL preview let users see the changes in the particle stream as they're changing parameters.

The Basic 2.0 version has a new tabbed interface for emitters, particles, dynamics and preferences. (The Preferences tab allows users to set the preview in PowerParticles and Electric Image.) And new slider buttons allow users to slide around parameters in the interactive OpenGL window of PowerParticles' interface. Increments in the slider can be changed for fine control.

The Emitter tab allows users to set the point, line or volumetric position of the emission, as well as the start time, end time, maximum particles and emission deviation.

The Particle tab allows users to set the initial speed, maximum speed, rate per second and lifespan of the emitted particles, as well as their color. Five colors, chosen from a color slidebar, can be set for the particles.

The Dynamics tab allows users to set several functions. These include:

  • Air Resistance, which includes settings for drag coefficients. Coefficients need to be adjusted according to the scale of the animation;
  • Enable Gravity, which is applied to particles in X, Y and Z space. Positive and negative values can be set;
  • And Enable Bounce, which has settings for elasticity, Y plane and friction. PowerParticles Basic offers collision with a designated altitude only. This is set by entering a Y value. Elasticity and friction settings both alter the way particles bounce.

TripleD says it will soon release PowerParticles 2.0 Pro as well. No pricing or timeline was available for the next pro version. The current version, 1.5, sells for $199, though upgrade pricing is also available. For more information, visit http://www.tripledtools.com.

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