Panasonic AG-DVC10 DV camcorder
The Panasonic AG-DVC10 mini-DV camcorder.


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NEWS AUGUST 15 , 2000
Panasonic Intros Two New DV Camcorders

Company also releases DV VTR, new tape

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Panasonic today announced it's expanding its Proline series of DV camcorders with two new models. The company also announced a new DV VTR and a new series of master grade DV tape. The new camcorders include the AG-DVC10 Mini-DV and the AG-DVC200 DV. The company says the new models offer improvements in picture and audio quality, as well as color reproduction.

The new AG-DVC10 three-CCD Mini-DV camcorder offers a shoulder-style design for shooting stability and a FireWire interface. The AG-DVC10 records up to 80 minutes of digital component video (500 TV lines of resolution) and digital audio on a single mini-DV cassette. The camera weighs in at 4.8 pounds in full operating condition and includes three Interline Transfer CCD imagers with 43 mm filters and a large-diameter 12x optical zoom lens. The AG-DVC10 is expected to be available in October at a suggested list price of $2,595.

The 11 pound, shoulder-style AG-DVC200 is the first camera to debut using large DV cassettes for recording up to 270 minutes. The 0.5", 410,000-pixel IT three-CCD DSP camcorder offers an interchangeable bayonet mount lens that permits users to shoot with 0.5" lenses. According to Panasonic, the camera can shoot at F11 in lighting as low as 0.5 lux. It offers 800 lines of horizontal resolution, a FireWire interface, a signal to noise ratio of 62 dB and low smear. Other features include:

  • Four-position ND/CC filter;
  • The ability to increase gain up to +36 dB for shooting in dim light;
  • User Scene Memory storage;
  • Six-speed shutter with synchro scan for the flicker-free shooting of CRT displays.

The AG-DVC200 will be available in January. Pricing was not available at press time.

The AG-DV1000 Mini-DV VTR is designed for nonlinear editing applications. It records for up to 80 minutes of digital component video and digital audio on a single mini-DV cassette. It includes 16-bit digital sound, user-selectable between PCM audio of 48 KHz/16 bits (two channels) and 32 KHz/12 bits (four channels). The AG-DV1000 is expected to be available in October at a suggested list price of $1,495.

Panasonic also unveiled today the AY-DVXB series of master grade DV videotape designed for professional applications. The two models, AY-DVM63XB, a 63-minute tape, and AY-DVM83XB, an 83-minute tape, utilize a new evaporation technology called S-AME (Super Advanced Metal Evaporation) that improves the videotape's magnetic density by 400 percent over current Panasonic models. The AY-DVM63XB 63-minute videotape and AY-DVM83XB 83-minute videotape are available at suggested list prices of $12.95 and $16.95, respectively.

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