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Reaktor, a modular sound design suite that offers synthesizer, sampler and effects functions.

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NEWS AUGUST 21, 2000
Native Instruments Adds Support for MOTU

Reaktor gets update to 2.3.2; FreeMIDI patch available

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Native Instruments has released version 2.3.2 of Reaktor for the Mac. Reaktor is a modular sound design suite that offers synthesizer, sampler and effects functions. Reaktor, along with B4, Native Instruments' virtual Hammond organ, are now 100 percent compatible with Digital Performer, a Macintosh audio editing and MIDI sequencing suite from Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU).

Both products now support FreeMIDI, MOTU's MIDI routing and management system extension for Macintosh, and MAS (MOTU Audio System), the native hard disk recording engine that drives MOTU's Digital Performer.

After enabling Reaktor in the FreeMIDI Setup application, Reaktor MIDI channels automatically appear in Digital Performer's MIDI track output menus. Reaktor audio channels also appear in Digital Performer's audio track input menus. This allows users to sequence Reaktor MIDI tracks in Digital Performer and route Reaktor's digital audio output directly back into Digital Performer's virtual mixing environment.

Reaktor can function as a 16-channel multi-timbral instrument, with 16 audio channels (eight stereo pairs) returned to Digital Performer. The Reaktor outputs can be mixed live, in real time, with hard disk tracks and MIDI tracks in Digital Performer's virtual onscreen mixer, complete with real-time plug-in processing.

Reaktor is a modular virtual instrument environment in which users can build sound-producing synthesizer engines from the ground up using a synthesis toolkit. Reaktor also provides a range of sampling and sample-processing options and includes libraries of predefined instruments and sound-generating modules. B4 is a Hammond organ emulator that reproduces the original sound of a B3 organ and rotary speakers with access to all sound shaping parameters. The B4 also supports MAS and FreeMIDI so that it is possible to automate every B4 parameter from Digital Performer.

Native Instruments also says it expects to ship an update of Dynamo within the next few weeks that adds support for MAS and FreeMIDI.

For more information on Native Instruments, visit http://www.native For more information on Mark of the Unicorn, visit

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