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The ImagePort palette, which allows for the manipulation of Layers within QuarkXPress.



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NEWS AUGUST 15 , 2000
ALAP To Release ImagePort Update

New version to support adjustment layers

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

A Lowly Apprentice Productions Inc. announced two new plugins for Adobe InDesign and an update for a QuarkXPress plugin. The plugin for Quark, ImagePort, will be updated to version 1.1 late this month. ImagePort is an XTension that allows native Photoshop files to be imported directly into QuarkXPress, including layers and channels.

ImagePort 1.1 will be the first version with support for adjustment layers, a Photoshop tool for experimenting with color corrections and tone adjustments without actually modifying pixels.

ALAP has also begun shipping two plugins for Adobe InDesign. The plugins were actually available as early as June 26. InBooklet is a plugin for InDesign that lets users print their InDesign documents in printer spreads. According to ALAP, the plugin offers "tamper-free imposition, imposing pages from an individual InDesign document into printer spreads without altering the document." Imposition is handled entirely in the print stream, with five printing styles available: 2-up Saddle Stitched; 2-up Perfect Bound; and 2-up, 3-up or 4-up Consecutive.

StarBurst is a plugin for InDesign that, as its name implies, lets users create starburst effects in InDesign documents. It adds a StarBurst tool to the InDesign tool palette and includes a preferences dialog for setting spoke depth and number of spokes.

ImagePort 1.1 is compatible with QuarkXPress 4.1 or later for Macintosh (QuarkXPress 4.04 or later for Windows). The update is free for registered users. ImagePort 1.1 is expected to ship at the end of the month for $99.99 (an introductory price). The regular price will be $149.99. StarBurst sells for $29.99. InBooklet sells for $49.99. InBooklet and StarBurst are available now. For more information, visit

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