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Boris Graffiti Styles palette
The Styles palette in Boris Graffiti.

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NEWS AUGUST 24, 2000
Boris Offers Crossgrade for TitleDeko Users

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Boris FX, a developer of plugins for effects and editing packages, has started offering a special upgrade to Graffiti for TitleDeko customers. Available until September 30, 2000, TitleDeko users can obtain an upgrade to Boris Graffiti for $199.

Boris Graffiti provides common text formatting options like kerning, tabs and word wrap while adding animation tools and filter effects. Unlimited layers of text can be rotated, extruded and lit using lighting tools. Text can be filled using media directly from the NLE timeline without importing or exporting. Keyframing provides smooth motion with Bezier graphs. Boris Graffiti supports NLE systems from Adobe, Apple, Avid, Canopus, Discreet, DPS, FAST, Incite, In:Sync, Media 100, Panasonic, Sony and Ulead.

Graffiti is available in Pro and Standard versions. The standard plug-in application, priced at $495, offers support for Adobe Premiere, Canopus Rex Edit, DPS Velocity, DPS Video Action, FAST VMS, Incite, Insync: Speed Razor and Ulead Media Studio Pro.

The Graffiti Professional Title Animation plug-in application is $995 and will add in support for Avid, Discreet edit*, FAST 601, Media 100, Finish, Panasonic DV Edit and Sony ES-3. Both models of Graffiti are due to ship in the second quarter and will be shown at NAB.

Features in the pro version include:

  • Break up text for individual animation of every letter;
  • Intersect title pages in 3D space using Z Space Containers;
  • Use realistic casted shadows with perspective controls;
  • 3D particle shattering of titles;
  • Motion blur on title pages;
  • Advanced compositing apply modes.

Other features common to the pro and standard versions include:

  • Rotate text in 3D space with extrusion, beveled edges and light sources;
  • Format text using word wrap, tabs, kerning, edges and drop shadows;
  • Animate kerning with ease in/ease out keyframing;
  • Apply explosive particles and smooth animated blurs;
  • Warp text around spheres, page turns, ripples and waves;
  • Auto-create single page rolls, crawls and multi page fades.

For more information on Boris FX, visit

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