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Flaming Pear Essentials Blade Pro

Flaming Pear Essentials Glare
Three of the filters from the Flaming Pear Essentials collection: Lacquer, Blade pro and Glare.


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NEWS AUGUST 24, 2000
Flaming Pear Offers Essentials in the United States

Package includes nine Photoshop plugins

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Flaming Pear Software today started shipping Flaming Pear Essentials. Launched last month, the collection of nine Photoshop filters was previously only available in Australia. Individual plugins in the collection include:

  • Aetherize gives pictures a dreamy look and can also add acidic colors to an image.
  • BladePro (pictured, middle) adds bevels and metallic textures and reflections to images. Read our review of BladePro here.
  • Glare (pictured, bottom) floods a picture with bright light.
  • India Ink converts color images to black and white halftones. Its color modes produce etched effects.
  • Lacquer (pictured, top) coats an image in metallic, transparent or prismatic resin.
  • Silver adds a silvery sheen to images.
  • Solar Cell creates fantasy suns.
  • Swerve distorts shapes into curves or fractal blotches.
  • Twist can churn images into a swirling mass or smear them beyond recognizability.

All of the plugins are customizable, with some including up to 13 user-programmable settings.

Flaming Pear Essentials is available now for $99. On the Mac platform, it supports Adobe Photoshop, Corel PhotoPaint, Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia xRes, Adobe Illustrator, Deneba Canvas, Painter and Art Dabbler. For more information, visit

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