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Evergreen FireLine
Evergreen's FireLine FireWire hard drives now reach 75 GB capacity.

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NEWS AUGUST 28, 2000
Evergreen Ships Higher Capacity FireWire Drives

75 GB FireLine goes for $800

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Evergreen Technologies today announced several additions to its line of FireWire drives and controllers. Evergreen has been shipping its 20 GB external HotDrive since February 2000, and now the company also offers higher capacity 75 GB, 60 GB, 40 GB and 30 GB HotDrives. They come with one external DC +12V input power jack for additional daisy chained devices and drive management software.

Evergreen has also added lite versions of its IEEE 1394 FireLine interface cards to provide basic IEEE 1394 peripheral connectivity on a budget for users with existing desktop and portable Macs. The lite versions include the FireLine PCI card (for desktops), FireLine CardBus/PCMCIA card (for portables) and FireLine IEEE 1394/USB PCI Combo Card (providing desktops with both FireWire and USB connectivity).

All regular versions of these cards ship with one 1394 6-to-6 pin digital cable, one 6-to-4 pin video adapter cable and Ulead Video Studio SE on CD, which allows users to edit digital video images, adding titles, sound effects, voice overs and music. The PCI card and PCI ComboCard are both equipped with three external and one internal IEEE 1394 connectors, while the PCI ComboCard also comes equipped with two external USB ports. Both require a standard available 32-Bit PCI slot for installation. The CardBus/PCMCIA card has two external IEEE 1394 connectors and requires a CardBus-compliant, 32-Bit, type 2 PCMCIA slot for installation. New `lite' versions of each card ship without the 6-to-6 and 6-to-4 pin FireWire cables and without the Ulead video editing software.

The FireLine HotDrives sell for $799.99 (75 GB), $499.99 (60 GB), $399.99 (40 GB), and $349.99 (30 GB). Evergreen's FireLine CDRW drive sells for $349.99. (Mac users will need a separate Evergreen Mac Accessory Kit, which sells for $49.99.)

The FireLine PCI card sells for $59.99, while its lite version sells for $49.99. The FireLine CardBus/PCMCIA card sells for $84.99, while its lite version sells for $69.99. The FireLine IEEE 1394/USB PCI ComboCard sells for $99.99, while its lite version sells for $89.99. The FireLine PCMCIA interface card does not provide power to external devices, so laptop customers will need to purchase a separate power adapter ($19.95). iMac users will also have to purchase a separate power supply owing to the iMac's small power supply, according to Evergreen.

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