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Sonic Solutions will add DVDit! to its lineup of Mac DVD authoring tools, which currently includes DVD Creator.


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NEWS AUGUST 30, 2000
Sonic Brings DVDit! to Mac OS X

Mac version coming early next year

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Sonic Solutions has announced plans to introduce a version of DVDit! for Mac OS X. The DVD authoring software was introduced last fall for the Windows platform. According to Sonic, DVDit! for Macintosh "will combine the simplicity and affordability of Sonic's DVDit! for Windows with the power and integrated video capabilities of the Macintosh product line, allowing anyone with a Macintosh to create DVD titles on their desktop."

DVDit! includes integrated transcoding of QuickTime and AVI multimedia content into DVD-compliant formats with support for most graphic file formats. DVDit! also allows users to create Web-enhanced DVD titles, combining DVD-Video content with HTML, Flash and Java content that can be served over the Web.

DVDit! has a drag and drop interface that allows users to create DVD titles just by selecting a menu background and dragging a QuickTime movie onto the project. DVDit! automatically builds buttons and interactivity, transcodes video to MPEG-2, multiplexes and formats content and writes it to CD-R or DVD-R for playback in consumer set-top DVD players or DVD-equipped computers. Users can also incorporate Web content into their titles using Sonic eDVD and publish in a wide variety of formats.

Other features include:

  • Integrated DVD-R support;
  • cDVD support;
  • Real-time preview;
  • Ninety-nine menu support;
  • Integrated video transcoding;
  • Chapter point editor for instant access to any scene;
  • Dolby Digital audio support;
  • DLT mastering support - record your DVD project to a DLT for mass replication.

DVDit! for Macintosh is expected to be available in early 2001. For more information, visit

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