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Binary Arts Releases Digital Art Brush 2 for Lightwave

New version combines with ParticleType

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Binary Arts has announced it's released Digital Art Brush 2 for NewTek Lightwave versions 5.6 and 6. The new version combines Digital Art Brush with ParticleType, the company's particle replacement system for Lightwave. ParticleType includes different types of particles, including simple shapes and an image type, and has capabilities to scale particles, fill (or not fill) shapes, rotate particles (except sand and image types) and scale with distance (except sand type).

According to B.A., DAB2 is not a post process filter. Rather, the company says, it builds up brush strokes as the image is painted. It's geared more for painterly effects for non-photorealistic 3D images and works with particles and polygons. A brush surface can be bumped and react to lighting, and brushes can scale and rotate with luminosity. They can also be animated and Z-buffered. DAB2 works with Sparks2 and other particle systems, though no particle system is required. Other features include:

  • Painterly brush effects
  • Post rendering convolutions
  • User definable brushes
  • Image particles
  • Pixel by pixel lighting and Z-buffering
  • Brush and image rotation
  • Four primitive shapes
  • Multiple brushes per frame
  • Brush and image reordering
  • Subpixel positioning
  • Works with fog
  • Works with depth of field
  • Real time brush lighting preview.

Digital Art Brush 2 for LightWave 5.6 or 6.0 on the Mac is available now for $199.95 Additional licenses cost $50 each. Upgrades from DAB or ParticleType will run $80 for a limited time. For more information, visit

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