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NEWS AUGUST 15 , 2000
ConceptDraw Gets Update to 1.5.2

New version adds ability to copy styles

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Computer Systems Odessa Corp. today announced it's shipping version 1.5.2 of ConceptDraw. The program is designed for creating illustrations for presentations and for creating technical drawings. The new version offers optimized data exchange with Microsoft Word and other applications, improved connectors and two new samples. It also adds the ability to copy object style attributes (line color, thickness, text styles, fills and patterns, etc) and apply them to other objects.

Other features include:

Libraries: More than 70 task-related libraries with more than 1,700 objects, plus the ability to create new libraries. There are libraries for Web design and networking, business and marketing diagrams, floorplans, electric circuits, UML, database structuring and others.

Smart Connectors: Connectors reshape automatically when the objects are moved. Each object can be transformed into a connector. Automatically connect multiple objects.

Cross-platform compatibility: All ConceptDraw files, including documents, libraries and template files, created with the Windows version of the software can be opened and worked with in the Mac OS version and vice versa.

Internet integration: Hyperlinks in ConceptDraw allow users to launch other applications and Internet/intranet addresses from within a document. Documents can also be exported as HTML.

Tools: ConceptDraw includes common tools like line, ellipse, rectangle and others. It also includes 17 tools for dimensioning and alignment, which allow users to automate tasks.

ConceptDraw 1.5.2 is available now for $125. For more information, visit

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