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NEWS AUGUST 22, 2000
Aurora Ships 24 FPS Igniter Film

Mac-only Igniter upgrade offers true 24 FPS capture and output

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Aurora Video Systems has announced Igniter Film, an offline editing system designed specifically for 24 frame per second support. (Current Igniter Studio owners can download the software directly from Aurora's Web site.) Aurora is also currently shipping the Igniter Film bundle, which includes the Igniter base card, component I/O, a breakout box and the Film option daughtercard. Current Igniter owners can purchase the Film option daughtercard separately.

With Igniter Film, users can capture content directly from a telecined tape into a true 24 FPS timeline, not a 23.976 or 25 fps approximation. Igniter Film automatically detects the key sequence of the original material utilizing the SMPTE time code data on the tape. At the same time, Igniter Film captures the audio with correction, in sync with video in the 24 FPS timeline.

The timeline is a true 24 FPS, so users can drop 24 FPS video clips or uncorrected audio clips directly into the timeline without sync issues. When ready to preview or output the timeline, Igniter Film automatically telecines the content to the selected output standard—NTSC or PAL—in real time.

Igniter Film outputs to NTSC using a 3:2 pulldown and corrects audio in real time to stay fully in sync with the video. The output can also be real-time masked to any common wide screen aspect ratio, thereby removing any ancillary data in the top or bottom border without having to re-render. Igniter Film combines the standard and optional features of the Aurora Igniter (component and SDI video I/O, balanced and AES/EBU digital audio I/O and a SMPTE time code reader/writer).

The Igniter Film bundle is available for $4,599. The Igniter Film daughter card is sold alone for $1,999. For more information, visit

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