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July 17
Synthetik Releases Studio Artist 1.5 As Free Upgrade
Major upgrade includes 3D effects, enhanced animation

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Synthetik Software this week will release Studio Artist 1.5, the long-awaited update to the Mac-only graphics and rotoscoping program. The upgrade will be free Wednesday to registered users of previous versions of the software. The new version offers editable keyframe timeline animation for all of the features available in Studio Artist. It also includes several new features, including a resolution-independent core effects processing module called the Texture Synthesizer and improved image and movie morphing capabilities. Paint Synthesizer enhancements include new 3D paint lighting and materials modeling controls, new colorization and dynamic brush texture options, new movie brush capabilities, intelligent auto-regionization, full support for pen tilt recording in paint action sequences and new gradient effects.

Enhanced time-based effects
Studio Artist 1.5 Paint Action Sequences (PASeqs) are now fully automatable over time via keyframe editing on an animation timeline. Every editable parameter within Studio Artist can be animated over time, including the four main effects modules, as well as all of the selection options available within the program.

New core processing module
Studio Artist 1.5 includes a new core processing module called Texture Synthesizer. Texture Synthesizer provides a range of resolution-independent visual effects based on a texture generator with integral effects processing and modulation capabilities. Texture Synthesizer presets can be built and categorized like all of Studio Artist's core processing modules. Texture synthesis can also be combined with Paint Synthesizer, Image Processing Operations and Image Warping and Morphing.

3D paint lighting effects
Studio Artist 1.5 now includes full paint lighting and materials modeling, which allows a digital artist to create 3D paint effects. Users can specify a canvas lighting source in 3D space, as well as how a simulated paint surface visually interacts with a lighting source within the Paint Synthesizer. All of these new 3D lighting effects can be interactively controlled or modulated while painting.

The new version of Studio Artist ships with more than 1,000 factory presets. It will be available Wednesday for $329 to new users, free to registered users of previous versions via the company's Web site or by calling 888-808-4188 (domestic) 415-864-6582 (overseas). For more information, visit

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