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JULY 20, 2000

ony To Speed Spressa FireWire CD-RW
Forthcoming drive offers speeds of 12x 8x 32x

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Sony announced today two new models in its Spressa line of CD-RW drives. The two models, one FireWire, the other an internal ATAPI, support 12x maximum write, 8x maximum rewrite, and 32x maximum playback. The 8x rewrite speed is twice the Spressa's previous speed. Sony says that at 8x a CD can be rewritten in about nine minutes.

The announcement follows a spate of other new 12x drives released this week and last by other manufacturers, but it marks the first FireWire drive with 8x rewrite capabilities. (Yamaha had announced last month an internal EIDE burner with 8x rewrite speeds.)

The Spressa i.Link (Sony's word for FireWire) external drive comes with a suite of Macintosh software, unlike the ATAPI drive, called Sony Spressa Professional. It includes Discribe CD Creation software, Retrospect Express and Mixman Studio. The drive is compatible with Mac OS 8.6 or higher.

The Spressa i.Link external drive will be available in September. It has a 4 MB buffer and will sell for $399.

Sony's also launching a new Web site for Spressa users. The site, called Spressa News & Marketplace, offers information on new CD-RW models, updates on new software versions, technology tips on how to use the products and special promotions on hardware, software and audio files. Sony says the site will be up and running by August. Meanwhile, Spressa owners can find help at http://www.sony.com/spressa.

Sony has also announced plans to develop a "Double Density CD-ROM/-R-RW" with 1.3 GB data capacity. The Double Density CD formats are designed to provide a migration path for consumers and manufacturers with a low-cost solution that inherits the basic specifications of the CD format. Royal Philips Electronics and Sony will license the Double Density CD format variations together beginning in September.

Fore more information, visit http://www.sony.com.

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