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July 12
Trimedia Announces PencilMan
New option for Retas!Pro brings pressure-sensitive tablet support

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

Trimedia Inc. has announced PencilMan, the newest addition to the RETAS!Pro family, which allows animators to hand draw their animation directly into the system with a pressure sensitive tablet, creating a truly paperless animation production system.

PencilMan uses the Wacom active matrix LCD display tablet to allows artists to hand draw in rough sketches, key animation and clean-ups, time the animation in the exposure sheet and check it with sound directly on the tablet screen. Once input, the drawings can be modified, transformed, rotated and seen together on a virtual lightbox.

Animated sequences can be then be used with the other RETAS! modules to create fully colored animated scenes with multiple layers, effects, backgrounds and other elements. PencilMan supports Wacom PL series LCD and Intuos pressure-sensitive graphics tablets.

It will be demonstrated beginning July 25 at the Siggraph show in New Orleans at the Trimedia booth. For more information, visit