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JULY 21, 2000

Panopticum Updates Fire Effect for AE

Adds new True color and High color schemes

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Panopticum has released Fire 2.5 for Mac, a plugin for Adobe After Effects and AE-compatible editors and compositors like Apple's Final Cut Pro. Panopticum Fire 2.5 is designed to create a variety of combustion effects, from candle flames to large fires. The plugin is a single module containing several different effects sets.

The new version offers variations on how the fire spreads and adds new True color and High color schemes. It also offers peripheral fire effects, such as shooting sparks, fire drips and "super glow mode." In the new version, the glow mode's parameters have been extended.

Other features include:

  • The source of the flame may be a selected region or transparent images in the composition.
  • The fire can burn either on the whole region, source of the flame or on the edges.
  • Users can change the direction of fire downward and create ice or frost effects by changing color, shape, direction and speed characteristics.

The new version also offers several transition effects for gradual burning. These include:

  • Blend, which causes the fire to cross the image and divide it in two, each part burning to a set position.
  • Page causes the image to burn like a page that was set on fire from one side and burns in a chosen direction and up to a set position.
  • Hole creates a burning point in the center of the composition, which burns outward in all directions to a set position.
  • Gate sets a fire on all sides of the composition that burns inward.

In all the transitions, colors, types and directions of burning and flame can be adjusted. The software is available now for $99. For more information, visit http://www.panopticum.com.

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