MicroNet SANcube

SANcube now offers up to 65 MB per second data throughput through a dual-channel FireWire connection.


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July 19
MicroNet Announces New SANcube Array
FireWire devices boost storage up to 450 GB

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

MicroNet Technology today announced new configurations of its SANcube, a line of FireWire SAN (storage area network) devices. The new 450 GB, four-user SANcube provides 450 GB of online storage and delivers up to 33 MB per second data throughput. Two new dual-channel SANcube Xstream arrays, in 270 GB and 450 GB capacities, provide faster throughput by striping data across two FireWire busses to achieve up to 65 MB per second reads and 35 MB per second writes.

According to MicroNet, the SANcube serverless storage network is engineered to provide much faster than typical network performance for digital content creators in the DV, multimedia, and prepress markets who collaborate on large video and image files on Power Mac G4, Power Macintosh G3, PowerBook and iMac DV systems with built-in FireWire.

SANcube incorporates up to six hard drives in a compact cube (about 10" x 10" x 10", which weighs less than 30 pounds.

"SANcube Xstream now opens up the possibility of uncompressed video on FireWire—and that's a real breakthrough," said Alex Grossman, vice president of sales and marketing at MicroNet, in a prepared statement.

With the 450 GB SANcube, users plug SANcube into their Macintosh systems with built-in FireWire and install the included, customized version of the ATTO AccelWare SAN volume management software. Macintosh systems without built-in FireWire can be supported with third-party FireWire add-in cards.

The 450 GB SANcube is a single-channel array using one FireWire port. The new two-user 270 GB and four-user 450 GB dual-channel SANcube arrays ship with a PCI FireWire accelerator card and use both the FireWire port and the expanded data path of the PCI bus to increase throughput. (The number of users accessing the SANcube determines the number of FireWire accelerator cards included with each SANcube Xstream.)

Users can configure SANcube as a single volume by striping the data (RAID 0) across the drives for enhanced performance and capacity or duplicate or mirror the data (RAID 1) at high speeds for increased data protection. Since SANcube is stackable and hot-pluggable, the system expands and reconfigures as workgroup storage requirements increase. The 450 GB SANcube will be available in August for $6,210. The dual-channel SANcube Xstream arrays will also ship in August, priced at $4,599 for the 270 GB model and $6,999 for the 450 GB model. For more information, visit http://www.micronet.com or http://www.sancube.com.

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