Medea's VideoRack RTX can be configured up to 600 GB per subsystem. Each subsystem can be daisychained up to a maximum capacity of 18 terabytes.



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July 10
Medea Ships 600 GB Subsystem
VideoRack RTX sports 135 MB per second transfer rate

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

Medea Corp. today announced the new VideoRack RTX, a high-performance, hardware-based RAID 0 disk array designed for professional digital content creators. The 19" rack mount VideoRack RTX subsystems are available in four- and eight-drive, single-channel, and eight-drive, dual-channel Ultra2 SCSI configurations with storage capacities up to 600 GB per rack.

When populated with four or eight drives, the single-channel VideoRack RTX sustains a data transfer rate of 65 MB per second. When populated with eight drives and used with a 64-bit, dual-channel SCSI adapter, the VideoRack RTX delivers a sustained data transfer rate of 135 MB per second. This performance enables VideoRack RTX to support dual-stream, uncompressed NLEs, according to the company. For HDTV applications that demand even higher data rates, two VideoRack RTX units can be configured to support the necessary bandwidth requirements.

VideoRack RTX's onboard hardware RAID controller eliminates the need for disk striping software or configuring of drive stripe sets. Each VideoRack RTX channel looks like one large SCSI drive to the operating system and uses a single SCSI ID. VideoRack RTX's removable disk drive modules provide flexibility by allowing users to make quick job changes and perform routine system maintenance and upgrades. For additional storage capacity, users can daisy chain VideoRack RTXs together to configure up to 18 terabytes of storage on a single dual-channel SCSI adapter.

The VideoRack RTX subsystems include a five-year warranty and are available in three configurations: single SCSI bus with four disk drive modules; single SCSI bus with eight disk drive modules; and dual SCSI buses with four disk drive modules on each channel. VideoRaid RTX prices range from $3,799 for a four-drive, 120 GB subsystem to $10,999 for the dual-channel, eight-drive, 600 GB configuration. Users who purchase the four-drive configuration can upgrade to an eight-drive subsystem by purchasing additional modules, which range in price from $2,299 for 120 GB to $4,799 for 300 GB. VideoRack RTX is available now. For more information, visit

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