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JULY 21, 2000

Emagic Ships Logic Audio Platinum 4.5

New version supports all surround sound formats

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Emagic is making a big upgrade to Logic Audio Platinum available for download from its Web site. The new Mac (and Windows) Logic Audio Platinum 4.5 lets users work in all currently available Surround formats, according to Emagic. A dedicated Surround Panner has been integrated to facilitate the movement of the sound source in space. The software also allows different Surround formats to be chosen per channel.

Surround movements can be automated and edited, and the new Audio Input Objects in Gold and Platinum's mixer now make an external hardware mixer superfluous: Input signals can be treated with effect plugins in real time, even if Logic is stopped.

Additional new features include:

  • MicroLogic AV: Version 4.5 now supports VST plugins and VST 2.0 instruments.
  • EASI for Mac OS.
  • 16 audio instruments.
  • Global instrument tune.
  • Improved display of audio instrument plugins.
  • Audio instruments in combination with Yamaha DSP Factory.
  • New plug-in parameters.
  • Improved latency with Audiowerk.
  • New notation symbols.
  • Automatic conversion of compatible song audio configurations.
  • Parallel use of OMS and Logic's proprietary MIDI drivers.
  • MMC Input and Full Frame Messages.
  • Audio input objects now include: Mac AV; Audiowerk; Direct I/O; StudI/O; Korg 1212; EASI; and ASIO.

The new version also fixes several bugs. These include:

  • Improved MIDI burst behavior with USB MIDI interfaces.
  • Improved OMS connection for MIDI-driven TDM plugins.
  • Faster relaunching of an audio device.
  • Cross-stave-beaming improved.
  • Miniature note display improved.
  • Menu commands for Stave Shift added to Attributes menu.
  • Beaming behavior improved.

The software is available free to registered users of Logic Audio 4.x. For more information, visit http://www.emagic.de.

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