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July 14
Channel Storm To Demo Software-Only Streaming
Real-time DV processing promised

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Channel Storm will demonstrate a live streaming solution at next week's Macworld Expo in New Your (July 19 through 21, booth No. 1713). Unlike most other streaming options, however, this one is software-only: Just a DV-equipped Mac and QuickTime are required.

Details were a bit shaky at press time, but a company spokeswoman said the software will likely go into a beta release in the next few months. Pricing also had not been set, but the spokeswoman said it would be "dramatically less than the hardware/software solutions currently available."

We haven't seen the software at all, not even a screen shot, but the spokeswoman said it works like this: Connect your DV-equipped Mac to a video camera, microphone, radio, television tuner or other feed source. You can use live feeds from remote sources including cameras and microphones connected to other computers. To broadcast in-house, connect your computer to a local network. To broadcast globally, employ a broadband streaming service. The DV content is processed in real time with nothing more than QuickTime. LiveChannel streams QuickTime video and audio in RTSP, enabling live broadcasting, without requiring an additional server.

LiveChannel's software incorporates multiple live, recorded and remote video sources in a variety of formats, integrating them via switching, audio mixing, 2D and 3D video effects, color correction, text title and compositing tools.

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