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July 19
LaCie Ships 12x FireWire CD-RW
New drive also compatible with 8x media

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

LaCie has started shipping a new FireWire 12x 4x 32x CD-RW drive called FireBooster. LaCie says the drive is the fastest FireWire writer available and that it's been designed for portability between FireWire-equipped Macs.

According to LaCie, when in 12x CD-R mode, the FireBooster writes a complete 650 MB CD in about five minutes. The drive can also be used to write/rewrite CD-RW media at 4x speed. A 4 MB buffer is included to prevent buffer underruns at the higher recording speeds. By replacing the older Constant Linear Velocity (CLV) technology with Constant Angular Velocity (CAV) technology, the LaCie CD-RW drive also provides 32x playback and 150 MS access.

The FireWire controller built into LaCie peripherals is a 400 Mbps interface based on a 1394 to IDE/ATAPI bridge chipset. The drive is hot-pluggable and mounts automatically as soon as it's connected.

The new drive performs all of the decoding and encoding functions, as well as digital servo, computer interface and other functions that are required to support 12x recording. The 12x 4x 32x FireBooster comes bundled with the LaCie Recording Utilities CD package, which includes Adaptec Toast Standard Edition for Macintosh systems. Data verify capabilities and a media condition check utilities are also included.

The drive features an automatic loading mechanism and emergency disc ejection function. LaCie has made the drive compatible with most leading 8x CD-R media. Quality 8x media will be checked by the drive and burned at 12x if possible. If media is not 12x capable, the drive will automatically downshift to 8X. All LaCie media is 12x compatible. The LaCie 12x 4x 32x FireBooster CD-RW is available now for $399. The FireWire drive comes in LaCie's stackable casing and includes an international power supply. For more information, visit http://www.lacie.com.

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