“We want Apple to stand at the crossroads of technology and art.”

—Steve Jobs,
during his keynote address at Macworld

The new iMac colors: Indigo, Ruby, Graphite (revamped) and Snow.


“This, as you know, is our mouse. And some people, uh, don't like it.”

—Steve Jobs,
Announcing the new Mac mouse during his keynote address at Macworld

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July 19
Jobs Keynote: New Dual-Processor G4s, New ‘Cube,’ New iMacs, New Displays, New Keyboard, New Mouse
Dual-processor G4s, available today, come in at same price as single-processor models

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Steve Jobs delivered his keynote this morning at the Macworld Expo in New York to a packed, cheering crowd. He announced a whole line of new hardware, including new dual-processor G4 desktops, a new G4 "Cube" and revamped iMacs. He also announced three new displays, a new keyboard and the long-rumored buttonless mouse, as well as a new version of iMovie.

New G4s
The new G4s, available today, look positioned to blow away the current single-processor desktop line. All high-end models now come standard with dual processors and are being sold for the same price as the old models—$2,499 for the dual 450, $3,499 for the dual 500. Users will no longer be able to purchase 450 MHz and 500 MHz models with a single processor. The low-end, 400 MHz model remains unchanged. Also standard on the new models is gigabit Ethernet on the motherboard, delivering about 125 MB per second network speeds. The new models will come standard with 20 GB, 30 GB and 40 GB hard drives, respectively.

Jobs demonstrated the new model running two 500 MHz G4 chips against a machine running a Pentium III 1 GHz chip in Photoshop operations. The G4 took 61 seconds to complete a string of operations it took the Pentium machine 124 seconds to accomplish. (Read more details here.)

New desktop machine: The G4 Cube
Apple's also announced a whole new desktop model. It includes all of the features of the desktop models (except the gigabit Ethernet) stuffed into an 8" cube, the design of which has been rumored for some time. It uses no fan. It includes a 450 MHz G4 processor, a slot-load DVD drive on the top and all of the connectivity features of the standard G4 desktops. The entire unit is housed in a clear base, and the guts can be accessed simply by pulling out a cubical motherboard. It sells for $1,799. There's also a 500 MHz G4 version for $2,299 exclusively from the Apple store at Apple's Web site. It will be available in early August, according to Jobs. Read more details here.

New iMacs
Jobs also announced, on the two-year anniversary of the iMac with 3.7 million units sold, a whole new range of four iMacs with the old iMac design. The new iMacs include an entry-level model with a 350 MHz processor, 64 MB RAM and a new indigo color, in addition to the new pro keyboard and buttonless mouse. (See below.) It sells for $799.

The second model is a DV unit that includes FireWire, an Apple serial link and iMovie. It has a 400 MHz G3 processor and 10 GB hard disk space. It's also available in Indigo and a new color, Ruby, a deeper red than previous iMac models. It also comes with the new mouse and keyboard and sells for $999.

The third model is called iMac DV Plus. It comes with a 20 GB hard disk, 64 MB RAM, FireWire and Apple's serial link. It's also available in Ruby and Indigo, along with another new color, Sage. It sells for $1,299.

The new iMac Special Edition comes with a 500 MHz processor, 13 GB storage and all the rest of the colors available for iMacs, including a slightly revamped Graphite. It's also available in a new color, Snow. It sells for $1,499.

New mouse
Jobs also showed off a new optical, buttonless mouse, which will ship with the new G4s. "This, as you know, is our mouse," said Jobs, showing a picture of what has come to be known as the Mac's hockey puck. "And some people, uh, don't like it," he said to a laughing crowd. The new mouse offers optical input without a mouse pad and has no moving parts. The entire surface of the mouse is a button, according to Jobs. The new mouse will be standard across Apple's entire new desktop line. "We're going from what some people say is the worst mouse industry to what we think is the best mouse in the industry," Jobs said. (Read more details here.)

New keyboard
The keyboard, too, has changed. It includes volume keys, a disc-eject button and full function keys. The keyboard, too, will be included standard with all new desktop models. Current Mac owners will be able to upgrade their keyboards for $59 beginning today, though the units will not ship until September. (Read more details here.)

New displays
Apple also launched three new displays, including a 17" CRT with built-in USB. One cable carries power, USB and video from the machine to the monitor. It sells for $499.

The new $999 15" flat-panel display also uses the single cable for power, video and USB connectivity.

Finally, Jobs also announced a new Cinema Display, which is similar to the previous Cinema Display from Apple but also features the single-cable connectivity.

New iMovie
Jobs also announced iMovie 2, which has enhanced sound capabilities and more editing functions. IMovie is Apple's consumer-level video editing software. Users can add unlimited clips in the new version, which also adds new effects like sepia tone, black and white and soft blur. IMovie 2 will be available free on all new desktops or as a Web upgrade for $49.

Other stuff
Jobs also added that the public beta of OS X is due to ship in September, with the full release becoming available in early 2001.

Microsoft also took the stage with Jobs to demonstrate Office 2001 for the Macintosh. Microsoft also announced that they would continue to support game development for the Mac via its acquisition of Bungie Software. Apple and Microsoft will be teaming up to bring all of Microsoft's games to the Mac platform. For more information, visit http://www.apple.com.

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