The Epson 1200 series include 1,200 x 2,400 DPI hardware resolutions.

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July 17
Epson Cuts Prices on Four Scanners
1,200 x 2,400 model now $199

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Epson today announced it would be cutting prices on four of its desktop scanners in its Perfection line. The Perfection 610 is now $129. The Perfection 636U is now $149. The 1200U is $199. And the 1200U Photo is now $299. The Epson Perfection 1200 series products are geared toward photo enthusiasts and entry-level graphic artists.

The Perfection 610
The Perfection 610 features Epson Micro Step Drive technology, which achieves a maximum hardware resolution of 600 x 2,400 DPI. It also provides 36-bit color depth and one-touch scanning. It includes PictureWorks HotShots, NewSoft Presto! PageManager and Broderbund PrintShop PressWriter. Users can also choose two other software titles.

Perfection 636U
The Perfection 636U offers a hardware resolution of 600 x 2,400 DPI and push-button integration for scanning directly into applications. An optional transparency adapter scans 4" x 5" transparencies, slides and negatives. It also features an optional automatic document feeder, allowing users to scan legal-size documents. It includes Adobe PhotoDeluxe, NewSoft Presto! PageManager and Broderbund PrintShop PressWriter.

Perfection 1200 series
Both the Perfection 1200U and 1200U Photo feature Epson's ColorTrue II Imaging System for 1,200 DPI optical resolution and a maximum hardware resolution of 1,200 x 2,400 DPI. Perfection 1200 scanners also include Epson's Text Enhancement Technology and Auto Area Segmentation. The Perfection 1200U is a USB flatbed scanner. It offers the option of an automatic document feeder for scanning multiple pages and legal size documents is available as a $199 option. It also offers a transparency unit for scanning slides, negatives and transparencies is available for $99.

The Perfection 1200U Photo functions as both a flatbed and film scanner in one. A transparency unit is included for scanning 35 mm slides, negatives and 4" x 5" transparencies. An optional automatic document feeder is available for $199. The EPSON Perfection 1200 series includes a full-featured, cross-platform software package. The EPSON Perfection 1200S, which features a SCSI interface and card for lightning fast speeds, is also part of the series and remains priced at $299.

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