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July 19
More Details on the G4 Cube

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Earlier today we reported on Apple's new G4 Cube, a desktop computer housed in an 8" cubical case. The new model was announced at the Macworld Expo during Steve Jobs's keynote address, which began at 6 a.m. PDT. Here are some more details on the Cube based on a separate release from Apple. (We mistakenly reported earlier that the Cube would, like its non-Cube desktop counterparts, ship with gigabit Ethernet. It actually comes with 10/100Base-T, according to Apple's release.)

Power Mac G4 Cube (the full name) is an entirely new class of computer that uses the same G4 chip found in Apple's now former line of single-chip desktop models. The G4 Cube is housed in a clear enclosure.

"The G4 Cube is simply the coolest computer ever," said Steve Jobs in a prepared statement. "An entirely new class of computer, it marries the Pentium-crushing performance of the Power Mac G4 with the miniaturization, silent operation and elegant desktop design of the iMac. It is an amazing engineering and design feat, and wešre thrilled to finally unveil it to our customers."

The G4 Cube uses a cooling design that does not require a fan. Cooling is provided by the air flowing through the Cubešs center vertical cooling channel. In addition, the Cubešs entire electronics assembly can be easily lifted out of its enclosure, providing access to every major component and allowing the easy addition of expansion options.

The G4 Cube includes a 450 MHz PowerPC G4 processor, configurable to 500 MHz exclusively through the Apple Store; 64 MB of RAM, expandable to 1.5 GB; 20 GB of storage, configurable up to 40 GB through the Apple Store; a slot-loading DVD drive on the top of the G4 Cube; two FireWire and two USB ports; 10/100Base-T Ethernet and a 56K V.90 modem.

The Power Mac G4 Cube comes with Applešs new optical mouse and pro keyboard, as well as a pair of Apple designed Harman Kardon speakers. It also comes preinstalled with Applešs iMovie 2, the next version of Apple's consumer-level digital video editing software.

The 450 MHz Power Mac G4 Cube will be available in early August through for $1,799. A 500 MHz Power Mac G4 Cube will be available only through the Apple Store for $2,299. For more information, visit http://www.apple.com.

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