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July 7
Canvas 7 Updater Available
New version offers 120 new features

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

Deneba's offering a free updater for Canvas 7. The new version, Canvas 7.0.2, offers 120 new features, according to the company. Users can update the software through the program's autoupdate feature or from Deneba's Web site at The update is limited to registered owners of Canvas 7.

Web enhancements
According to Deneba, the new version includes a reengineered Camera Tool that allows users to slice Web graphics for optimum download efficiency. Other Web enhancements include:

  • The URL Tag palette allows for the selection of either a destination folder or a file when browsing the directory structure. Unassigned URLs are now automatically deleted as they become obsolete.
  • Web buttons display the precise mouseover state when dragging the cursor over multiple mouseover buttons.
  • The GIF/JPEG export engine has been updated to allow for the creation of one pixel high images.

Print enhancements
Deneba has also updated the print and design functionality of Canvas, including an optimized import filter for Microsoft PowerPoint files, enhanced channel masking capabilities for painting and grouping objects and a redesigned document layout palette that's been refined to enhance productivity when working in multi-layered and multi-page documents. Other print enhancements include:

  • The Pressure sensitivity option in Canvas 7 is fully enabled for all Wacom tablets.
  • Complete compatibility with Adobe Illustrator version 8 files.
  • An unlimited number of object transformations in the Transform palette is now possible.
  • The saving and opening of PDF files has been updated and optimized.
  • Older versions of Canvas files can now be opened and pasted directly into a Microsoft Word document.
  • When an object which includes a channel mask is resized, the resolution of the channel mask changes as well.
  • Canvas now opens and saves Adobe Illustrator version 8 files.

Mac-specific enhancements
Several bug fixes and tweaks also appear in the Mac version of 7.0.2. Canvas no longer displays faint white gridlines when printing RGB images to Epson Stylus 800 inkjet printers, and the program no longer crashes in CMYK preview mode or when an RGB object is placed into edit mode. Canvas now correctly saves and opens documents with fonts whose font names contain spaces. And guides now snap to grids in Canvas 7.0.2. Some other Mac-specific enhancements include:

  • The list of Inks in a document no longer displays previously deleted object Inks.
  • Blending colors in the Color tab of the Inks palette correctly handles the number of blend steps chosen.
  • Canvas no longer displays extraneous pixels in KPT filter dialog boxes when viewed in the small Photoshop-style thumbnail windows.
  • The Sprite Effects palette correctly displays multiple lenses that were created at the same time.

A 7.0.2 updater CD is available for $15 and may be ordered on Deneba's Web site or by calling 305-596-5644. The full version of Canvas 7 Professional is $375. A competitive upgrade runs $199.95. For more information, visit To download the updater, visit

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