Cumulus 5's filter for the Kodak DCS line. The free software can automatically catalog information taken from the camera.

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July 10
Canto Cumulus Captures Kodak Camera Clips
Mac software imports metadata from DCS models

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

Canto has released a new piece of software that imports metadata from Kodak DCS cameras. The Cumulus "Filter for Kodak DCS Cameras" is an option for the Cumulus media asset management suite from Canto. It allows users to automatically catalog all camera settings and other metadata together with the image—including all camera settings and voice annotations.

"People are starting to recognize that metadata management is at the heart of every good asset management solution, as metadata determines the value of an asset," said Jennifer Neumann, Canto’s CEO, in a prepared statement.

Features of the new software include:

  • Automatically captures dozens metadata fields. These metadata fields are user-selectable and include: image height and width, horizontal and vertical resolution, compression, flash compensation and mode, thumbnail, exposure compensation, file format, RGB process, author, photographer, balance mode, camera model, determined illuminant, aperture, focus mode and point, drive mode, maximum and minimum aperture, exposure mode, white balance mode, ISO speed, meter mode, shutter time, artist, copyright notice, notes, lens type, firmware version, focal length, noise filter, image number, process choice, serial number, exposure time, F number, captured date, self timer time, flash fired, subject distance, winding mode, sharpen, sharpen level, color mode, calibration file name, color model, annotation, longitude, exposure bias and program and sound file.
  • Imports sound annotation from cameras with voice recording
  • Captures and allows to visually search on GPS (Global Positioning System) information
  • Reduces storage demands by reading and converting native DCS file format
  • Applies camera calibration to color-correct images.

Supported cameras include: DCS 660, DCS 560, DCS 620x, DCS 620, DCS 520, DCS 520/620 Base Kits, DCS 330, DCS 315  and DCS 460.

A fully-functional Macintosh demo is available on Canto’s Web site. The Cumulus Filter for Kodak DCS Cameras is free. A license to batch-catalog images is available at $69.95. The batch-cataloging license is sold at For more information, visit

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