Boris RED2 adds vector paint capabilities and can export to Flash directly from the host NLE. Click image for larger view.


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JULY 24, 2000

Boris FX Announces Boris RED2

Vector titling and animation suite offers Flash export

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Boris FX today announced Boris RED2, a resolution-independent 3D compositing and title-effects plug-in suite for nonlinear editing systems on the Mac. Boris RED2 adds such new features as export to Macromedia Flash, rotoscoping and vector-animated paint tools, bringing resolution-independent vector graphics and Web distribution to NLE systems. Boris is demonstrating RED2 at Siggraph 2000 this week in booth No. 361.

RED2 combines 3D title-animation and compositing effects directly in an application suite that integrates into nonlinear online finishing systems. Like Boris RED, RED2 creates 3D composites using Z-space containers for intersecting video layers in 3D space. RED2 also integrates and offloads rendering to external files from a standalone application. Features in the new version include:

  • Bezier rotoscoping for creating moving mattes inside the NLE system.
  • Vector paint for animated graphic creation with complete keyframe control.
  • Flash and QuickTime export directly from within a host NLE system or externally using the Boris RED2 Keyframer.
  • EPS import extrude and warp. Bezier tools can be used to warp and distort imported EPS files.
  • Animated text path.
  • Text Warper, which allows editors to use Bezier tools to warp, distort and animate letters while retaining antialiasing.

Boris RED2 hosts include Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid AVX systems, Canopus Rex Edit, DPS Velocity/Video Action, Discreet edit*, FAST silver, Incite, In:Sync Speed Razor, Media 100/iFinish, Panasonic Dvedit, Sony ES3, Ulead Media Studio Pro and United Media Online Express.

RED2 will be available toward the end of the year for $1,995. Upgrades will be available for current Boris RED customers. Customers purchasing Boris RED starting today will receive a free upgrade to RED2. For more information, visit

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