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July 5
Boris FX Releases New Boris RED
New version supports Final Cut Pro

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

Boris FX is now shipping version 1.5 of Boris RED, a 3D compositing and title effects plug-in suite for nonlinear editing systems on the Macintosh. The new version provides support for a wider range of host systems, including Apple's Final Cut Pro, In:Sync Speed Razor and FAST silver. (It also supports the same hosts as version 1.0, including Adobe Premiere, Avid AVX systems, Discreet edit* and Media 100/iFinish.) It also includes new features, such as an improved keyframing model, advanced effects library browser and a hard-disk playback mode for longer real-time preview playback.

According to Boris, "Boris RED is the first plug-in that combines 3D title-animation and compositing effects directly into a plug-in suite application that integrates seamlessly into nonlinear online finishing systems. Boris RED 1.5's improved keyframing model allows for effortless transitions in compositing modes and easier changes to effects durations. In addition, Boris RED's new effects library browser gives users simplified access to saved effect templates for compositing and applying."

Created for editing professionals in commercial television postproduction, Boris RED allows users to create 3D composites using new Z-Space containers for intersecting video layers in true 3D space. Boris RED also includes complete title-effects and animation functionality, which can be expanded by using compatible Adobe After Effects plugins, all within a nonlinear online host.

Boris RED 1.5 is priced at $1,995. Current Boris RED customers can download a free upgrade through the Boris FX Web site. For more information, visit http://www.borisfx.com.

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