BitHeadz says Phrazer will accomplish for the Mac what Sonic Foundry's ACID has done for the PC.






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July 18
BitHeadz Announces Loop-Based Composition and Editing Software for Mac
Company also offers sample library in native Unity format

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

BitHeadz says it will ship a new loop-based composition and arrangement suite for the Macintosh. Phrazer, as the company calls it, is expected to ship in the fourth quarter. BitHeadz says it will accomplish on the Mac what Sonic Foundry's ACID has done on the PC.

Says BitHeadz CEO Steve O'Connell: "Now any Mac user can quickly match up different loops using standard digital audio files, Phrazer native files or even ACID files imported from the PC platform."

Phrazer is designed for combining loops and phrases. Users can perform real-time changes to the tempo and key of any audio file imported into a Phrazer session. Volume and panning automation can be assigned per track along with DSP effects. Different tracks can be gated on and off from the standard computer keyboard or from a MIDI keyboard. A sample editor is provided for fine tuning audio files, and support for external MIDI sync is included for use with MIDI setups.

Phrazer can render its output as a disk file for use with other digital audio applications. Phrazer is optimized for Apple's G4 processor and will support ASIO, Direct I/O, DirectConnect, MAS 2.0, ReWire, and Sound Manager. Pricing information was not available at press time.

In a separate announcement, BitHeadz said it's started shipping a new sample library called Tubes, Tines & Transistors. The library includes more than 300 MB of content, ranging from the Hammond B3 to samples of vintage Oberheim, Moog, Sequential and Arp synthesizers. The sample programs contain a range of filter settings, modulation routings and effects. It supports ASIO, Direct I/O, DirectConnect, MAS 2.0, ReWire, Sound Manager and DirectSound and is optimized for the G4. It'll be available in the fourth quarter for $199. For more information, visit

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