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July 11
ATI To Announce Mac Radeon-Based Card at Macworld Expo
Company disputes claim that it's losing Mac business to competitors

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

ATI released a statement today disputing a claim by anothor online Mac publication that it's losing Apple's business to competitors. In a prepared statement, the company said:

"[ATI's] long-standing business relationship with Apple Computer Inc. remains strong and is a core aspect of ATI's business. In reference to an article published in a prominent online journal yesterday, ATI stated that it is Apple's largest graphics product supplier. In addition, ATI is firmly committed to supporting the further development of the Apple platform."

The company also revealed in the statement that it will be revealing a new Radeon-based graphics card addin at Macworld Expo (July 18 through July 21 in new York). ATI went on to state, "ATI's latest product, Radeon, will be the highest-performance graphics available for the Mac and will further extend ATI's graphics and multimedia leadership for the Apple platform. ATI also announced that it will continue to innovate on the Mac platform, and will announce a Radeon-based retail sales add-in graphics board for the Apple platform at MacWorld...."

The company did not say when the new card would be shipping. The Radeon processor itself, according to ATI, can handle up to 1.5 gigatexels per second; 128 MB of double-data rate (DDR) memory at 200MHz; 30 million triangle per second geometry; and new 3D character animation techniques. It's also the first desktop graphics chip to include an onchip hardware HDTV decoder. For more information, visit http://www.ati.com.

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