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July 6
ADS To Ship PCMCIA FireWire Card
Pyro 1394 Port due in August

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

ADS Technologies has announced the Pyro 1394 Port for Notebooks, a PCMCIA cardbus card designed to FireWire-enable older Mac G3 notebooks. The OHCI-compliant cardbus features hot swapping connectivity and data throughput rates of 400 Mbit per second for IEEE 1394 devices such as FireWire networking, storage, printers, scanners and digital camcorders.

Pyro 1394 Port for Notebooks includes Ulead VideoStudio 4.0. Pyro 1394 Port for Notebooks also includes FireNet, a software-based networking solution that allows users to connect their notebook to other FireWire-enabled computers for performance that's 2.5 times faster than 100BaseT fast Ethernet, according to ADS.

Mike McCoy, president ADS Technologies, said in a prepared statement, "The next foreseeable application for FireWire will be IEEE 1394 networking."

The new device includes a dongle, four-pin to six-pin FireWire cable, Ulead VideoStudio 4.0 digital video editing software, Ulead Photo Explorer 6.0 and FireNet IEEE 1394 networking software. It requires a cardbus-enabled PowerBook G3 and Mac OS 9.0. The card will be available in August for $99. For more information, visit http://www.adstech.com.

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