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July 21
Main Event Software Introduces Scripter Personal Edition
New release targeted toward beginning and intermediate scripters

by Tim Wilson
Man About Town™
[email protected]

One of the most powerful and unique features of the Mac OS is one that many people don't take advantage of: scripting. Users don't know that it's there, and others think it's over their heads. Main Event Software is hoping to change that with the release today of Scripter Personal Edition, a scaled back version of their flagship product aimed at beginning and intermediate scripters, who want an authoring tool to write AppleScripts but who do not need a full-featured development environment.

According David Stewart of Main Event, "Beginning and casual scripters now have access to features and tools previously only available to developers."

"Many scripters have wanted to take advantage of Scripter's unique combination of technologies, but they need a product priced under $100," adds Cal Simone, president of Main Event Software. "The introduction of Scripter Personal Edition makes AppleScript approachable for a much larger audience of scripters and potential scripters by delivering a great deal of power for less money."

At the heart of the Personal Edition are Scripter's point and click method of building AppleScript commands, access to application dictionaries, shortcuts and editing features, along with debugging support. Scripter Personal Edition also includes an online Apple Help system module.

Advanced features, such as live applet and droplet debugging, a new object model prober, and the inclusion of the ScriptBase database, remain available in the full $189 version of Scripter, which is being upgraded today to version 2.5. Scripter Personal Edition is available for $89. For more information, visit http://www.mainevent.com.

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