June 8
MicroNet Announces RAIDbank 2000
Supports up to 360 GB per unit

MicroNet's RAIDbank can hold 10 drives with a max capacity of 36 GB per drive.

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

MicroNet says it will start shipping a new RAID solution this month. The RAIDbank 2000, a platform-independent storage device, will support up to 10 drives per unit, with a maximum capacity of 36 GB per drive. The RAIDbank 2000 base unit comes standard with three hard drive modules that are each 18 GB or 36 GB in capacity. Additional drive modules can be purchased at any time, and each drive bay features a locking mechanism for increased security.

The system features an Ultra2 SCSI RAID controller capable of achieving transfer rates up to 80 MB per second. The controller supports RAID levels 0/1/3/5/0+1. MicroNet says the RAIDbank 2000 supports an online "hot spare" capability for drive rebuilds without user intervention as well as the ability to interchange or "hot swap" drive modules while the system is active. If a drive or other redundant component should fail, audible alarms will sound, and visual indicators will direct the user to the troubled component.

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The system can be managed through the terminal utility via a serial interface allowing interaction with the system without the use of a dedicated application or workstation for complete platform independence. It also has an LCD panel at the top of the unit that provides for system management to configure, administer and monitor the array's performance.

RAIDbank 2000 will begin shipping in volume in this month. With three 18 GB drives, the system starts at $6,030 and ranges to $16,530 when housed with 10 36 GB drives. Additional drive modules are $645 for an 18 GB drive and $1,225 for a 36 GB drive. For more information, visit http://www.micronet.com.

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