June 1
Quantum Starts Shipping New Atlas Drives
10,000 RPM devices hold up to 73 GB

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

The new Atlas 10K II offers 41 MB per second sustained sequential throughput.

Quantum Corp. has started volume shipments of its new Atlas 10K II SCSI hard drives. The new models sport a capacity up to 73.4 GB (nearly double the previous generation) and an average seek time of 4.7 milliseconds. The 10,000 RPM drives also offer an 8 MB buffer size.

The new Atlas drives are available in 9.2 GB, 18.4 GB, 36.7 GB and 73.4 GB capacities. Other features include:

  • Quiet Drive technology with Quiet Seek mode for low acoustic output;
  • Embedded drive diagnostics;
  • Improved shock protection;
  • 41 MB per second sustained sequential throughput;
  • Zone-based re-vectoring with cached grown blocks;
  • Sector slipping and optimized serpentine format;
  • On the fly disk calibrations.

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The new drives are available in both SCA-2 80-pin and Wide 68-pin. The 9.2 GB drive is available for $325; the 18 GB drive is available for $480; the 36 GB version sells for $720; and the 73 GB model goes for $1,300. For more information, visit http://www.quantum.com.

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