June 8
NeMo To Offer Mac Player for Web 3D
Supports interactivity on the Internet with any 3D model

NeMo, currently available only for Windows, allows for interactivity with 3D applications on the Web.

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

NeMo SA, a 3D software developer based in France, says it will ship a Macintosh version of its NeMo Player and NeMo Web browser plugin. NeMo's software allows for the delivery of 3D content on the Web, along with interactivity. The company says it has an early version of the player for Mac running on OS 9 and that it expects OS X support by the time of the final release in the fourth quarter.

The primary application for the NeMo browser is the delivery of Web-based streaming 3D games, but it's also being used for interactive educational projects and walkthroughs.

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The NeMo development software currently runs only on Windows. It allows developers to import models from other 3D programs, attach behaviors to them and graphically program interactivity. The development programs include NeMo Creation, which allows users to create interactive applications through a building-block, object-oriented system; and NeMo Dev, which enables high-level programmers to create new building blocks that fit into the NeMo graphical interface. No word yet from the company as to whether the development software will ever be available on the Mac.

Specifications for the Mac version of the NeMo players were not available at press time. On the Windows side, it requires little processing power but does require a graphics accelerator that supports Direct3D or OpenGL. It can run software-based OpenGL, but NeMo says it makes content almost unbearably slow. For more information, visit http://www.nemo.com.

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